Friday, 25 October 2013

The Forthcoming Challenge

Building a real professional intelligence agency is a real challenge for the Syrian government,. It has been proven during the current war on syria the necessity of having such intelligence body dedicated solely for collecting information, analyzing it and building a security strategy for the state. 
The current known intelligence bodies in Syria can't be described as an information agencies. The defect in its work and its job description was not clear. Corruption was so clear in its work and the its mixing with the community vividly   was one if its weak point. 
Reform is a need for the security bodies since syria is living in a disturbed region and it has been exposed to a lot if challenges and conspiracies during the last decades.   One of the major objectives of these bodies is the early warning of any forthcoming threat and trying to relieve its consequences. Lacking of research institutes working in collaboration with the intelligence agencies. The reason of the failure of these agencies in the prediction of the war in Syria.


Whilst it becomes clear for every one that what Syria is livng in is an external war targetting its regional role and its policy toward Israel, there are groups who are describing this war as a civil war. The definition of civil war itself doesn't have any match with the existed situation in Syria. However, we have to understand the motives behind the western describtion of this war as a civil war. 
The west wants Syria weak and divided. The weak Syria will automstically lose its control on its natural resources and consequently on its independence. During the last decade, we have seen a lot of reports in the western think tanks about the failure states. They have tried to include Syria in these reports as one  of the nominated states to become failure among others such as Yemen, Libya. Sudan and even Iran . They were relying on future anticipation to justify their inclusion of Syria. 


The reform is the biggest challenge for Syria. It is not logical to continue in this governmental behavior after all spilled blood. The major reason if what we have been seeing since 2011 is corruption. every body in Syria complains from corruption. 


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