Saturday, 10 August 2013

Bander's Visit to Moscow

Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi Intelligence chief, has visited Russia  and met the Russian president. We have to wait days before we know the reason of this visit. But, the media in the middle east is full of predictions about his mission. I can assure the he has visited Russia to discuss Syria. It is known that Saudi Arabia and Bandar himself was the mastermind behind the war on Syria. They were hidden behind The Qatari and the Turkish stances against Syria. Media started promoting that he offered Russia a deal to ease its stance beside Syria to let the western intervention be legalized by the UN. According to  Reuters he gave Russian guarantees over their domination on the natural gas market. He also offered them a deal to buy  arms from it as a substitute of its exports to Syria.
We can say that he offered Russia  a compensation deal as an alternative of its acceptance of losing Syria. Anyway, we can't trust these information at all. The Russian side denied all these information and said apparently that Bander has never ever talked about these issues.
The other side of the world battle, the resistance side, published his own story about Banders' visit. Leaks say that he went to Russia to guarantee a position for himself in any future compromise in the Middle East. These leaks say also that he realized that his project in Syria has failed and he is convinced that all his propaganda toward the armament of  terrorists in Syria is no thing but an attempt from him to book a place in the new Middle East. The destiny of the kingdom itself is threatened  after the Syain's victory. Every side now has his own story and his own assumption about his visit.
Every one in the region knows very well that the Saudi prominent figure is working on behalf  of US intelligence. It is widely known that he is the American local broker in the Middle East. Although US had used Qataris as their brokers in the region, it is known that the genuine and the most trusted side is Saudis.  The prove is the ousting of Emir of Qatar from the ruling and replacing him by his son. Saudis are the only trusted side in the region. Qataris as well as other small Gulf states are in fact  tactical aids of the US. The strategic partner is Saudi Arabia.
Saudi Arabia is confronting a lot of threats in the near future. The ruling System and the successors of the old figures are the top of these threats. It is know known that there are a lot of clashes between the different Saudi royal family wings over the ruling system and the succession of the old figures as well as the kingdom foreign policy


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