Saturday, 15 June 2013

Former UNDOF officer: Israeli support to terrorists is on large scale

(SANA)- An Austrian officer who worked within the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) in Golan revealed that Israel provides a large-scale support for the armed terrorist groups in Syria.
Declining to reveal his name, the Austrian officer told the Palestinian al-Manar newspaper that the scale of Israeli support to the armed terrorist groups spread in some villages in Golan is very large and includes all logistic, military and medical fields.
Speaking in a statement in occupied Palestine on his way back to Austria, after the withdrawal of the Austrian battalion from the UNDOF, the officer affirmed the existence of a joint operation room between the armed terrorist gangs and Israel to coordinate the delivery of assistance to the terrorists.
He added that this room also coordinates the entry of injured terrorists into Israel to be admitted to hospitals in the nearby Israeli settlements, citing Zeif hospital in Safed.
The newspaper quoted the Austrian officer as saying that this joint operation room is in constant contact with the Israeli military and security sides to facilitate weapons transport from Israel to the terrorists.
He pointed out that the UNDOF has information that large numbers of terrorists were transported to local and field hospitals over the past three months.
The Austrian officer revealed that the disengagement zone between Syria and Israel was used to provide support for the gunmen, many of whom he said came to Israel from neighboring countries over the last months and then moved into the occupied Syrian Golan to reinforce the terrorist groups.
Tens of media reports and statements of terrorist groups' leaders clearly disclosed the scale of the Israeli coordination with and support for the armed gangs not only through logistic and military assistance but also through direct intervention in terms of launching attacks on Syrian sites.
Many leaders of the Israeli occupation entity have repeatedly stressed that the downfall of the Syrian state is a strategic interest for Israel as this would help undermine the resistance in the region of which Syria is a main pillar.


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