Wednesday, 3 April 2013

FM stations in Syria

The list below contain the most popular Syrian FM stations broadcasting from Damascus and other major cities of Syria. Syrian FM stations has become popular since the beginning of the terrorism Syria. After this terrorism became a regional war at Syria, Syrian FM stations has become the major tool to deliver news and live coverage for the majority of people which the electricity supply is not reaching their home either due to terrorists attacks on electricity transform stations or due to lack of production in their areas.

  • Sham FM
  • Al-Ghad FM
  • Melody FM
  • Alshahba FM
  • Al-Bayada

Monday, 1 April 2013

Syrian Public Service Radio

Syria Public Service Radio (

To listen live visit:
  • Syrian Arab Republic from Damascus Radio--- FM and MW station
  • People Voice ----FM and MW station
  • Sout Alshabab(Youth Voice)--FM and
  • Syriana(FM news station)
  • Aleppo Radio---FM and MW station
  • Amwaj FM from Latakia----FM

Karma FM from Al-Swaidaa----- Local FM

Amwaj FM

Sout Alshabab

Damascus Radio