Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The Weapons of Libya

Finally, one of the US officials has admitted that the weapons which are used in Syria by terrorists are from the Qaddafi Military stores. It is the first time ever, a US official admits this known fact.Secretary of state, Hilary Clinton, admitted during her testimony on war on terror to a senate committee that  militants who had fought for Gadhafi raided his "warehouses" and took weapons to Algeria, Mali, Syria and elsewhere. She said the US had tried to recoup the weapons it shipped to the Libyan rebels. 
 Who is following the terrorist attacks in Syria know that the weapons which are used in these attacks are a soviet era weapons and the quantity of it which are used by the terrorist are coming from military stores. The only known military stores who have been stolen are Qaddafi's stores after the collapse of the government in Libya in 2011. The huge quantity which are used in Syria is an important indication to know its sources.
Syria is facing a terrorist attacks where huge quantity of weapons are used in it. A lot of reports indicates that these weapons are infiltrated to Syria through Turkey and partially Lebanon coming mainly from Libya. Thousands of Libyan terrorists are participating in terrorists attacks targeting the infra structure of Syria and the military bases.



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