Wednesday, 23 January 2013

The concept of the current conflict: Energy Sources in Syria

The dramatic conflict in Syria is a part of the international conflict over energy sources and its transportation routes. Syria is considered as on of the richest countries in the Middle East in gas reserves. Syrian government still silent about that fact and has not yet confirmed this fact. Some of the multinational energy companies know this fact and know where are these sources located.
Last month , The Syrian strategic scholar Dr.Imad Shoaebi published information about the history of these discoveries and the companies who have the data of these discoveries. The conflict in Syria seems part of the international conflict over these discoveries. US used to try to seize the reserves and its discoveries and even its transportation route. Moreover, The US invasion of Iraq was a step in its international plan to seize these sources. Even the current conflict with Taliban in Afghanistan is a part of this strategy. US has been trying to prevent china from having access to the energy sources in the Middle East. US has been trying to prevent it from importing its needs from Iran through Afghanistan. The defeat of the US Army in Afghanistan will lead eventually to an American defeat in its plan to seize the transportation routs.

Mustafa Hamido


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