Saturday, 15 December 2012

Daraya today

After Kreml.TV has thrown in the towel after the last really superb live broadcast (interesting at minute 20), Marat Musin (ANNA-News) got company from another camera man and some enthusiasts and he is still able – although not live, but on a daily basis – to report from Syria.
He is pretty much the last person who is still doing this; is again back in Russia after the counter-attack of the government forces, therefore since the blackout of the Internet and the mobile communication in Syria.
Anastasia Popova and her team have been meanwhile awarded with the Medal “For Courage” (medal for bravery), which is extremely rare for non-military persons.

On already known paths, it went back after Daraya with Marat Musin today – and he writes the following about the current approaches:
“We have just returned from the front line in Daraya, a suburb of Damascus. Meanwhile, the armed gangs are no longer pushed back, but rather destroyed. The pocket is closing fast.
On the streets are the bodies of dozens of Al-Qaeda fighters. The relation between destroyed foreign mercenaries and Syrian traitors is thereby about 10:1.”
The cameraman Dmitry Yershov adds:
“Among the dead are people from Libya, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and even from Australia. A lot of money in the currencies of Saudi Arabia and Libya was found in Daraya.
The rebels have left behind severe devastation and a quantity of ammunition when they have withdrawn.”
Australia? Why not – For example, Swedish jihadists seem to also be proven in the meantime.
Here, however, the recording from Daraya today:



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