Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Iskandaron not Hatay

Yesterday was the 64 anniversary of the Turkish occupation of Iskandaron or what Turkey call it Hatay . The 4600 square meters area located at the north west side of Syria and was historically a part of the Syria . The occupation of this part of Syria was as a consequence of a deal between France , who was occupying Syria  . In return  , Turkey would be a part of the coalition against Hitler in World War 2 .
A major part of the Arabs inhabitants of Iskandaron pushed to leave their lands and farms and flee to Syria , the mother land ,after a serious of racist acts by the Turkish Authorities . A lot of the most important historical Syrian figures are descended  from Iskandaron . The founder of Ba'ath Party , the Syrian Ruling Party , are from this part of Syria .
Ba'ath party itself has been founded as a consequence of Turkish  racism against minorities  , abolishing their rights and prohibiting their languages and traditions . Zaki Arsouzi and other Syrian figures has founded Ba'ath party to raise the Arabism soul between Arabs in Iskandanron and to safe the Arabic  language between them .
The Syrian TV , Sama , has broadcast ed a live coverage yesterday on this event . It hosted a Syrian historian from Iskandaron , Ali Al-qasem who talked about Arabs in Turkey and Iskandaron particularly. In his speech he focused on the Syrian right in Iskandaron and how they , in Iskandaroon , are standing with Syria against the Turkish interference in its internal issues .He stressed on the fact that they are Syrians and they will remain Syrians . The Syrian flag was put behind him as a sign of his loyalty to the Syria land .
It was the first time ever , Syria media focuses on this issue .Iskandaron was part of things we used put it in our secondaries focusing mainly on the Syrian Golan .
The current crisis in Syria pushes the Syrian nationals to re-evaluate their priorities and  restore all the issues which have been forgotten or at least ignored during decades.


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