Thursday, 8 November 2012

Energy in the western war against Syria

All this blood in Syria will come to its end . After more than 20 months of terrorism , The western support of this terrorism has reached to a place where they should decide whether their interest in the region is important or Israel interest .
The war in Syria which is totally supported and backed by the west and all the terrorist groups there are funded and founded by the west and its allies .
US needs from this war guarantee for Israel security and to surround Russia and prevent it from being a new super power in the world .
Another target for US is trying to seize energy transportation routes in the region which will weaken the Russian influence in the world .
Russia , mainly , depends on its energy companies in funding its ambitions to be ta world super power . Seizing the transportation routes will put a limit for this ambition and offer a real competition for its fuel and energy . 


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