Monday, 15 October 2012

The west and the pragmatic view

We will not die , even if they destroyed our houses and life . You can't imagine the bitterness of the news telling that your house under fire .
It is my childhood house where I grow up and understand the meaning of the nation . I know that every thing in this world is related to policy and know that our world don't respect but the powerful and who can defend himself . What we are facing in Syria is the shiny symbol of this defending and the treasure of the whole world which they can get from it unlimited lessons .
In my discussions with my colleagues regarding what is happening in my home , I am trying to tell that we are secular and the west needs us to be religious in contrast to all its values or what claims it is its values . It is again policy and the pragmatic view of the nations and its relationship with its interests .

Mustafa Hamido


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