Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Syria Zero Hour

The recent developments in the Syrian crisis prove that national decision which has been taken by the national government is to erase the terrorism from the Syrian land. The news from the Syrian regions tell the world that this decision is irreversible and will continue whatever the western pressure is.
This decision is a public demand . During the last two months, Syria people were doubting in the international observers mission . They had seen the terrorism attacks the Syrian cities and region without a real condemnation from them .
This absence of the condemnation pushes the people to demand from their government to launch a real strong operation to put a limit for the terrorist supported from the west and their agents in the region .
The patience in the governmental dealing with those groups and its defensive position lead to a silence protest between the people and let them talk in their saloon about the government responsibility in spreading the terrorism in Syria .
the people have observed how the western and regional alliance have tried to push the nation to the civil war status . This has not fear the people only , however , it pushes them to demand their army strongly to deal harshly with those terrorists .
The massacre which happened in either Homs countryside or Hama countryside , aimed to begin a sectarian violence in the country which will lead surely to a civil war .
The reaction of the people and the government was calm and quiet .they know exactly which they aim from such massacres . Their aim was totally clear for the people and the government .
What we are seeing daily from the operations of Syria Arab Army is fanned by the majority of Syrians . It is Syria Zero Hour .


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