Thursday, 10 May 2012

Terrorists in Doha and Riyadh must be targeted

How long we should wait till we see such the blasts which hits Damascus and Aleppo today hits Doha or Riyadh ? This question should be answered urgently by our government as people are killed daily in Syria’s streets .
The people of Syria needs a serious answer of this question . Their patience is going to end as they are seeing their beloved killed daily . Syria is facing an international terrorism funded and managed by Riyadh and Doha .
All these groups which are working in Syria are funded by those two capitals. They have used their terrorism in destabilizing Iraq and they are playing the same game today in Syria .
The killing will not stop in Syria unless we destabilize those two terrorist’s regimes in Doha and Qatar .
The Syrian Media as well as the Syrian people have used to differentiate between the people of those regimes and those regimes . This differentiation should be over .
No regime in the world can continue in its support of the terrorists without an ground internally . The terrorists groups are not only be funded by the governments , but they are also funded and backed by terrorists groups collecting aids from the mosques and the commercial companies to destabilize Syria and targeting its national entity .
Syrian government should declare clearly that those two countries are enemies of the Syrain people. This will send a clear message for them that they should wait our strong messages which should be the body remains in their squares.
We are not cheap as they think .We are a proud-ed nation and should not let such Bedouins to attack us in our houses without a real deadly acts targeting them and teach them that we can do what they are doing and our patience is not a weakness as they think.
The Syrian social network pages are fulled by these calls to the government.One of the activists says in his page that syria will not heal from this terrorism unless it funds and backs such blasts in those two capitals;Doha and Riyadh .
This is a voice of most Syrians who become patient-less and need acts ; quick acts .


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