Saturday, 26 May 2012

Shock in Egypt

The results of the presidential election in Egypt create a shock between the Egyptians who found themselves suddenly between two choices ;an extremist or Mubark's follower .
The second round of this election will be hot. Egyptians will be between two bad choices . The worst is the Islamist candidate who is waiting to seize all the power and employ it in serving his party project : Islamic Country .
Here I should refer to the worry between Egyptians who are refusing this government style and prefer the civil government .
The other choice for Egyptians is one of the Mubarak's follower : Shafiq.The big question here : Who is better for Egypt ??
This is a very hard question . Without a clarification from both sides , Egyptians will be in a real and sophisticated status if an Islamist seize the power in Egypt . The Islamist in Egypt are not answering the important question to calm down the Egyptians' worries . They don't have a clear view for the relation ship between the religion and the government . Their history is full of conflicts with the civil rights. Their relations with Christians is fogy . a lot of their followers are heating up the sectarian violence with the christian minority in the country .It was not a surprise the Christians voting for Shafiq . Those are preferring the stability on the new leadership which its way of dealing with the minority is not guaranteed    .



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