Thursday, 3 May 2012

Imams in the Syrian Countryside

I , as an independent observer , should tell about my notices I have during the last months. it is not easy to understand the whole scene in Syria , however , you can get a conclusion when you read about the "revolution" and the terrorist  acts , Syria has been living in the last long year .

Here , there is a terrorism . This is a fact which can't be ignored or denied . Only blinds and those who have already collated with the devil are denying and insists on "peaceful" demonstrations   .Extremists are in an alliance  with criminals are targeting civilians and the security forces in Syria .
I have already seen samples of those criminals and analyzed their past and their present life. Most of those, who are implicated in these acts, are being paid by agents of the Gulf states and the Turkey . Here I should refer to the fact that those countries ,which are backing those terrorists, are working as tools of the western alliance against Syria .
The original plan is a western one . It is aiming to seize the oil and gas reserves in the Mediterranean  basin as they had done in the Gulf basin .
The Middle east countries which are working against Syria are the tools,  are directed and managed by the west.
The colonial era is trying to come back to the region . As they have done in the past they are trying to imply their plans in the region .

Returning back to the terrorists are working in Syria , I should admit that the main areas of their acts and activities is the countryside .
The ignorance of the countryside has given a chance for extremist to seize the mosques . These mosque,s in contrast to cities' ones, are away from the government management . Most of these mosques have been built by the inhabitants of the countryside or immigrants in the Gulf states . People have been managing theses mosques and employing their 'Imams".
Most  of those"Imams " are fresh graduates and poor.
Paying them and helping them have formed the ground for all the extremism we are living in Syria .
It is the government fault which have been accumulated during the last decades .


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