Sunday, 20 May 2012

Demonstrations for Money

Yesterday , a tinny demonstration against the "Syrian regime" has been broadcasted by aljazeera Live from my village.
It was so small that you can't realize that it is a real demonstration unless you observe the banners the demonstrators were holding and reviving .
Number of snipers were spread across the village's mosques to protect the demonstrators from the Army which is located at the other side of the international highway which is connecting Aleppo by the Turkish border. The demonstration had lasted for almost 45 minutes . The aim of this demonstration was broadcasting it to aljazeera and getting the money offered by Aljazeera for its organizers.
I wasn't wondered from seeing such people demonstrate for money.
Such demonstrations are common in Syria . Aljazeera is offering money for those who are organizing these short period demonstrations . Getting easy money is the target of those people who are gathered in queues and jump in front of the camera chanting anti-Syria slogans .


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