Sunday, 20 May 2012

Aljazeera : Drop in the trap

It seems it the last bullet they are shooting . Aljazeera has fabricated a news today morning says that a number of top Syrian officials has been killed in a raid by 'Syria Free Army " and has aired interviews with Istanbul council member to assure that news.
It is not know the target of this news which is easy to be denied by  the officials themsleves who were interviewed by the Syria channels directly after minutes to deny that news completely .
What Aljazeera did today is a scandal .
While it is propagate for free and true news, it has dropped in the trap .
All these fabricated news which were broadcasted today morning are expired and can't change anything on the ground .
Syrians has already immunized themselves from such news a long period ago. The big question is :What they aim to from broadcasting such news.
The denial was as quick as it should be from the official themselves .
The 'Syria Free Army " is kept silence about that news . Only Pro-Army facebook pages adopted that news and tried to propagate it . A lot of stories have been published by"Activist' telling about what actually happened . Neil of that stories were concrete and has a creditability.



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