Sunday, 13 May 2012

A call for harshly deal with the terrorists

I will turn to be an opponent for Dr.Assad if he remains silent about what we are seeing in Syrian streets daily. Accepting the Annan's initiative doesn't mean leaving Syrian killed daily in our streets.
This is not acceptable either form Syrians or from the Syrian army.
We believe in our army capabilities and its ability to fight the terrorist groups which are attacking both , Civilans and the army members.
Those members are killed daily in their positions on the high ways checkpoints and on the cities's entrances.Leaving them like that naked means that we are sacrifices them in order that we get the international acceptance and respect.
What the benefit we will get from the international acceptance?
Frankly ; Neil .
Those who are being martyred daily have sons, daughters , wives...
It is not acceptable to wait till we get a green light from abroad to raid on the bases of the terrorists in the countrysides .
We should form our own equation in dealing with the terrorists abandoning the international equation which has been killing us since a year.
Syrians must be respected from their own government to be respected from the west as well as from other countries.
It is a call to our government to harshly deal with the terrorists in their bases . I know that hundreds of civilians will be killed in any such raids , however , we will save thousands of innocents souls  in the nation .



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