Sunday, 29 April 2012

Deadly gift from Neighbors

Who will benefit from the arms shipment seized by the Lebanese Army 3 days ago ?? Of course its is the militant groups in Syria who have benefited from the western support during the last 13 months . All these arms which have been seized was going to be smuggled to Syria through Lebanon . Syria must take a real and hard action to show its strengths and to prove that it is going to fight these terrorists not only in Syria but also abroad . The real and the strong action which must be adopted by Syria is fighting the terrorism which is targeting the country entity is fighting these groups in the neighbor's soil . All the arms which are seized daily inside Syria are smuggled from the neighbors .
Here , the Syrian government must adopt its own measures to fight the m .
It shouldn't wait these arms to be smuggled to seize it .
Smuggling such these arms to Syria means that it will be used for a while until it has been seized by the government .
Here we should send strong messages to our neighbors that destabilizing Syria means declaring a war against us .
The scene in Syria needs such equation to stop those who have been destabilizing Syria from 1 year .
We should have our own long arms to target the terrorist groups in Lebanon , Turkey ...
Without such messages we will keep receiving their deadly gifts .
the international scene has been changed  . all the international law allow us to do that .


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