Monday, 9 May 2011

Bin Laden , Aljazeera and America

Bin Laden , Aljazeera and America

The assassination of Bin Laden is still mysterious. A lot of questions need serious answers. It is still unbelievable that the Pakistani intelligence had not known where he was living. If we analyze the stories of the assassination and how they had traced him, we will fall in a doubt about what we are told. It is clear form the story elements that he was traced from a long period of time and they had a clear image about him and how he was living and what he was doing.

The rumors which is widely spread that he was made by Americans and killed by them will find a place in our consciousness. His life as well as his death was mysterious. We had only followed him in the last ten years by video tapes and voice records which were broadcasted by Aljazeera. If we really want s answers, we should deeply analyze his relation with Aljazeera.

Aljazeera was his favorite destination to broadcast his speeches to his supporters. US had claimed that he was instructing his supporters by coded phrases and sentences. Aljazeera had denied these claims and used to say that it was handling his speeches from a professional point of view.

Mustafa Hamido



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