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A room for guests

A room for guests


In the Arabic culture, every home should have a room dedicated for guests. It is a sign for a warm welcoming for those you are gusting. This room should be the cleanest and the most well furnished room in any home. It is a culture inherited from grandfathers.
I don’t have a full idea about this heritage which I found it deeply profounded in the Arabic Culture. Some argue that it was dedicated for the guests who were coming to visit from long distances. This justification of this heritage can be accepted, especially, if we know the difficulties of travelling between cities and villages in the past.

In the Arabic culture, each home should have a room dedicated for guests

It can also be justified as a Bedouin heritage .The culture of Bedouins refuses to ask any traveler who is intending your tent in the bareness desert your need unless you spend 3 days in his tent eating and drinking .Generally, Arabs are Bedouins in their origins. They all came from the borderless desert of the Arab Peninsula.
Our capitals in the Arab world are like these rooms. It is almost the cleanest, the well serviced and the place where you can enjoy the life. The other cities are, in most cases, ignored and lacked the minimum requirements for the good life. The consequence of this ignorance can be noticed clearly.

The other cities are, in most cases, ignored and lacked the minimum requirements for the good life.

The big cities in the Arab world and especially the capitals are surrounded by “belts of poverty” .Most of the inhabitants of these belts came from the ignorant cities and towns. The lack of services in their cities and subsequently the lack of job opportunities pushed them to leave to the big cities to get a job and a good future. Sad stories are told about these belts. The poverty and the crimes are high their. The hygiene is missed and the healthy life is a luxury.

The revolutions which are taking place in the Arab world are in part of them a reaction of the ignorance. It is clearly seen in Syria . The all revolutionaries are coming from the country side which has been marginalized for more than 10 years . All the services and the big job opportunities were centralized in the big cities. Look at the two major cities in Syria and you will reach to a sad conclusion. The both two major cities -Aleppo and Damascus - are away from the revolution. They are resisting the calls to participate. They have got all the facilities and advantages which push them to think twice before going in an adventure. We can see some tiny demonstrations in these two cities; however, they are all come from the "belts of Poverty" which are surrounding them.

Mustafa Hamido


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