Sunday, 13 March 2011

Tomoko : It is a nightmare

Tomoko : It is a nightmare

TOMOKO, who lives in Japan, describesthe tsunami hit Japan yesterday as a nightmare . The scenes which are broadcasted from there shows the serious damage the tsunami caused . The main danger now is that related to the nuclear plants in the damaged areas .

JAPAN , currently , has 54 nuclear plants which are generating around 49 GW , making it the third largest nuclear power generator in the world after USA and France . Japan is going to generate about 49 % of its electric needs from nuclear plants by 2017 and 50% by 2030.
The danger of the increase nuclear leaks from some of these reactors is the main threat which is facing the Japanese government .
Reports say that the level of the radioactive leaks is 1000 times higher than the normal level in the affected areas .
The nuclear threat is one of a lot threats Japan is facing . The authorities have said that around 1000 people have been killed and a lot still missed . According to Tomoko , she still can’t reach to some of here friends . They still away from the the hearing and she is trying to reach them.

Mustafa Hamido


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