Sunday, 20 March 2011

The Mature Libya

The Mature Libya

The delay in forming no-fly zone in Libya will lead to a disaster. They are demolishing all the western claims that they are promoting their values in democracy and freedoms. What they are doing in delaying the no-fly zone is giving a chance to the pro-government troops to re-occupy the eastern Libya.
If we take a look on the current situation in Libya, we will get a shaken conclusion: Pro-government troops are killing people to re-occupy the eastern Libya. we can accuse the west in blinding itself to see who will win and who will secure its interests in Libya.

The calls for Gaddafi’s to step down are a hypocrisy .you can’t explain that away from the hypocrisy. We can go in a debate with them and prove that. They want to re-form the Iraqi’s model. They want to let Gaddafi to re-occupy the eastern Libya and put sanctions on him to reach to a point where they can get the fruit mature.
The mature Libya means that they can control the oil and Gas sources and secure its reserves for the future without paying a high price.They are not in a situation that they can defend the values they are promoting. It is a matter of interests and the cost of securing their interests . The west is not sure that dealing with the interim council in Benghazi will secure its interest. They don’t want to go in a doubtful negotiation with them. Dealing with the interim council may not reach to the understanding they want.
unconditional support for the interim council will not benefit them . They want a clear gurantee that their interests willbe secured as Gaddafi is doing .
Their problem with Gaddafi ,that he has lost his legitimacy in ruling Libya. They know very well that he became weak and can’t go froward in ruling Libya. Here , the comparison between him and Saddam Hussein is logical .Theyhad let him rule 13 years before they invade Iraq and overthrow him . We may see the same scenario: letting Gaddafi rule as a weak leader and wait to the point where they see it is suitable for them to pick Libya matured .


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