Monday, 21 February 2011

Libya : The tyrant is resisting

Libya : The tyrant is resisting

It seems to be the end of Ghadafi rule. The massacres have been done in Libya in the last two days tell, clearly, that Ghadafi is losing the control. What he is doing is the last try for him to restore his power and rule.

The clashes which started on 16th of February in the eastern part of Libya has spread to reach the capital, Tripoli. This is, surely, a sign that the clashes and later the revolution is not an isolated case and it is a nation revolution.

The Libyans officials try at the beginning to say that what is happening is no more than economical and social protests against the poverty and marginalization. They argue that the marginalization of the eastern Libya has pushed thousands to protest.

The younger son of Ghadafi, Saif Al-Islam, has said, subsequently, that the government has dedicated 200 $ billion to be invested in the Eastern Libya.

The general scene which the entire world is monitoring is different. It is a revolution against the regime.

The spreading of the clashes to Tripoli clarify that .The revolutionists expects that they will overthrow the regime within two days. I know that it is an optimistic conclusion. The Libyan regime will resist and try to survive by all means.


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