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Syrians monitor Egypt : the change which will generate change

Syrians monitor Egypt : the change which will generate change

Syrians are monitoring what is happening in Egypt and comparing it to their situation . Ameen Salem , a 56 Syrian , says ” it is difficult to judge on what we are seeing . It still early to know the undercover ” . As most Syrians who have lived under autocratic regimes for more than 50 years , he doesn’t want to face another disappointing situation . He says ” it is difficult to say it is revolution , Middle East is a strange place and very difficult to expect what will happen tomorrow ”
One of the biggest problems for the people in the Middle East is their afraid from a lawless situation and the lack of security . The iraq’s style remains in their mind . Ameen says ” I still remember what happened in Iraq . It was a disaster for them and even for us .
The above conservative opinion is different from what you can hear in other places . In one of cafes , I met people who were full of enthusiasm and discussing the Egyption case openly . Ahmed , a 25 Syrian jobless, says ” if a real change occurs in Egypt , a real change will occur here . Syria and Egypt are twin. They have the same problems and the same corruption style ”
It was not easy to discuss such matter before months. The Middle East is changing and people know that they are living in a transitional era .
The main problem for the people during the second half of the 20th century was the martial ruling of the country .
It was an uncertain era of the people . They lacked the hope in the future . They really want to change , however, they are afraid from the armies to seize the power and control the Nations.


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