Monday, 20 December 2010

Waiting the Syrian-Saudi initiative

Waiting the Syrian-Saudi initiative

Lebanese politicians are waiting the Syria-Saudi initiative . The waited initiative seems to be ready by the end of this month. According to the Lebanese newspapers , the general outlines are ready and wait the curing of the Saudi king who is under treatment in USA to be declared .
The worries are from the sectarian clashes in Lebanon .Accusing Hezbollah in the assassination of the former Sunni prime minister Rafiq Al-Hariri by the international court will increase the possibility of sectarian clashes in Lebanon . Hezbollah , the resistance movement , denies any involvement of any of its members in the assassination .

It gives a lot of proves that Israel had monitored the prime minister and his transportation routs he was using for years . The proves have been ignored by the court during the last months . The scene in Lebanon is turbid . There is a clear fact there : it is a struggle for the Hezbollah's arms . Hezbollah used to say that this court comes in a series of American attempts to disarm it . It is at the end the Israel security and supremacy . This is the reason of all saddness Lebanon has lived in in the last five years . It started in 2004 when US and France issued the decision 1559 . This decision called to disarm Hezbollah . It was a tool to expel Syria from lebanon and disarm its strongest ally , Hezbollah . The initiative is waited will try to deactivate the international court and try to neutralize it from the internal Lebanese policy .

The US has used lebanon in the last five years as a gambling card in front of Syria and Iran . It was trying to reach to a deal which saves its interest in Iraq by trying to press on Syria in Lebanon. After it discovered that the resistance in Iraq is paining it , It answered to the repeated Israeli asks to help it in disarm Hezbollah . It is the Israeli daily nightmare.It was a chance for US to pain Syria which was suspected in backing the Iraqi's resistance.

The game is over now . US has failed in controlling Iraq as it haas dreamt before and needs a way to save its interst in Iraq and the entire Middle East.The succession of this initiative is expected for that reason . There is no other choice for US . The failure of it will lead to disturbances in all the Middle East .


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