Monday, 6 December 2010

Waiting the readiness for the next war

Waiting the readiness for the next war

The peace process in the Middle East is almost dead. What we should follow now is the consequence of its death. The death of any peace process in any part of the world means that we are going to a period where the tensions are arising and a probability of military clashes .There is now two main hot spots in the Middle East, The Gaza strip and the Southern Lebanon. Those two fronts are candidate for serious clashes between Israel and the resistance movements which are based in these two spots. A lot of indicators are saying that Israel is serious in attacking those two regions. The main reason for the expected attacks is the trial of Israel to restore its military image after the difficulties it faced in 2006 and 2008 in both Gaza and Southern Lebanon.

Israel army failed in both 2006 and 2008 in defeating Hezbollah’s and Hamas’ military forces. The failure in those two fronts has left bitterness for the Israeli’s officials.

The military establishment is trying to recover its power by a serious of military trainings in the fronts of these spots.

Israel main problem is its population in the north and those who are be siding Gaza Strip. The Beginning of any war either with Hamas in Gaza strip or Hezbollah in south Lebanon will leave hundreds of thousands under the threats of the rockets, the main and the unsolved threat for Israel.

Such rockets are the strategic threat for the Israeli army. Although tens of trial on new technologies dedicated to prevent these rockets from hitting the heart of Israel, Israel is naked in front of these cheap and terrifying tools.

Trying the soft tools is a choice for Israel. Using the international court of Hariri’s assassination in its open confrontation with Hezbollah in Lebanon is a way to limit its power. Israel thinks that the accusation of Hezbollah in the assassination will weaken its presence in Lebanon.

Leaks by Israel’s officials regarding the court and the expected Hezbollah’s accusation draw the picture of what Israel hopes from the international court.

Although the doubts about its job, there is no one in the Middle East has the ability of stop it. According to Hezbollah’s officials, it is an Israeli’s tools. The tool is used now to weaken the Hezbollah’s influence in Lebanon. The Israeli view of Hezbollah is a mixture of fear and respect. It is the first efficient enemy for them since 1982 when they expelled PLO from Lebanon.



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