Monday, 20 December 2010

Syria after 10 years of Bashar’s presidency

Syria after 10 years of Bashar’s presidency

I am trying to understand the internal policy of the Syrian government . I used to ask myself a question : what about the judicial System ? Is it an active tool to trust ?
As a syrian , I don't trust in this system . I consider myself nude in front of the powers in Syria which are owning everything and there is no limit for their disastrous ambitions .
It is a sad story for all who believe in law and it's power. The economical liberalization in Syria has been turned to be the biggest stealing story in the it's history .
The accountability is missed in the country counts 20 millions . After the ascending of Bashar Al-Assad the presidency in the mid 2000 , many Syrians accept him as a president to apply a wide range of reforms .
The reforms have been turned to be a series of ineffective laws and decisions . After more than 10 years of his presidency , a lot is needed from him . Nothing clear whether he will succeed in this mission or he will spend his non ended presidency in issuing laws and dealing with his people as an unaccountable president .


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