Sunday, 24 October 2010

Re-secularize the nation

It is not clear who was behind the last decisions issued by Syrian government which has banned the religious symbols in the public. According to anonymous sources ,these decisions are to re-secularize the society after more than five years of the freedom of the islamists in spreading and effecting on public either by their charities or by mosques they are operating .
By the increasing of the political pressure on Syria starting from 2003 , Syria has given a freedom for the Islamists to work . It was one of its tool in its battle against the western threat coming from the American troops in Iraq .
The charities has spread all over Syria and the calls for Jihad in Iraq were clear even in the universities .
It was the golden era for the new islamists in Syria . They were a mixture of Sofis ,wahabis and independent islamists . their influences were clear in all Syrian major cities and even in the conservative country of Aleppo and Damascus .
The government has blinded itself and gave them a lot of facilities to work . They used them to warn the world that any threat for the stability of Syrian regime will lead to the ascending of the extremists the rule of Syria .
Now and after the disappearing of the pressure on syria , Syrian government is using its pragmatic policy to limit the power of the islamists .

Will the government succeed ??

It is very difficult to answer this question . Banning the islamism as an idea is very difficult .It is not a single source idea .It is a
Mixture of influences by a lot of scholars .They are using the new tech in spreading . Banning meetings in mosques will not effect a lot on the idea .
It is not as what happened in the early 1980's . The tools of the islamists have been changed .The government has succeded in the early 1980's in stopping the Islamists from spreading and fulfil their agenda. It used the military forces to stop them but and after more than 3 decades of the bloody clashes, the Idea still as it and the spreading is more effective than it was in that era.

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