Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Molly : You are perfect

Molly : You are perfect

Just a fantastic girl or let me say Lady. She sat beside me in the concert which I decided lately to attend it in Vienna. The sadness was covering her face starring at the musicians trying to understand the music and understand her life.

I leant to her and said that It was fantastic music. She agreed and started to talk with me without barriers.

It was one of my best moments in my life. We left the concert after less than one hour from our first talk and started walking in Vienna’s streets.

We lost and laughed and tried to be happy as much as we could.

This was Molly, the wonderful American lady which attracted me in her way of talking, liberality, understanding of the world, criticisms of her natives who are not valuing the real values.

I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to hold her between my hands to say loudly that you are perfect Molly.

She is really perfect. Open minding is not only in the sexual relations and such these things. Open minding is always in the way of thinking, the understanding of the world and trying to be a real pure person.

She is one of those which are a real open minded persons who are trying to discover the world freeing themselves fro the stereotypes which are occupy our minds and put it under its mandatory .


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