Sunday, 14 February 2010

Happy Valentine Day for them

Happy Valentine Day for them

I Don’t know who was the creator and the inventor of this day . a lot of legends are talking about the origin of the Valentine day. I don’t have any prove that this day is dedicated totally for love . The love as a term has -unfortunately- turned to be commercial as every thing in htis globalized world and so turned the celebration of this day .
I don’t have a beloved and I am not going to celebrate and I will be alone as all previous years looking for my love in my dreams.


  1. :(
    by the way ,if u allow me to say, i think a great improvement has occurred on ur english:Pwere u taking courses?

    you are a lovely guy mustapha, jut give time some time to work things out.
    look who is talking:P
    take cares


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