Wednesday, 13 May 2009

The lies of the newspapers: review their archives

Mustafa Hamido
Nothing is more entertaining than reading newspapers after a a long period of its publishing. Reading the archives of newspapers telling you how we are dealing with our world on the basis of rumors and lies. Who claim themselves as political analysts, you will discover their truth after a period of their articles. These articles might be the features at the time of its publishing, however, it becomes useless and valueless after two or three years of its publishing. We are talking here about the daily newspapers articles and magazines articles which are touching the daily political issues and which a lot of strategies are built on it.
We still remember the feature articles, which were preparing for the American invasion of Iraq. Those articles had been published in what it is called the world leading daily newspaper in Washington, New York and London.
We were believing that all what they claimed facts, it was in fact lies. The US administration used those articles to persuade the world that Iraq is danger on world peace. Full of lies were crowded in those articles. No body account those newspapers and try to boycott it.


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