Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Financial Crisis on our door steps :Robbery in Aleppo

Mustafa Hamido
Jobless Syrians are in increase ,a Syrian report says early this week. Tens of small and moderate factories either closed or decreased their productivity by decreasing its working hours ,the same report adds . In a country like Syria which is in a converting phase from a centralized economy to a free market economy and with a lack of social insurance network covered by the government , thousand of Syrians will find themselves without a monthly stable income which is considered as a national crisis. Removing subsidiaries and stopping governmental employment push thousands to be a “ lack of hope “ persons. Their future is not clear and their daily life is not guaranteed. What is sure in Syria is the increase of crimes rate. This increase is not shown by numbers and figure, which is monopolized by government and controlled by it and for its interest. It is something clear for all people in Syria. Last week, a rare armed robbery has taken place in Aleppo, the most effected Syrian city by the international financial crisis where tens of its factories have either closed or bankrupted. Aleppo is considered as the Syrian Industrial Center . What was surprising in that operation is that it happened in the rush hours . The rumors have fuelled the city .and a video leaked showing the robbery has shaken the community . three innocents killed in this robbery .


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