Saturday, 21 March 2009

Obama wants to say : Save Us Iran

Nothing is new in Obama's message to the Iranian Leadership and people . We can only conclude that The Americans are in the corner and need a help from the Iranians who only have the ability to save Americans from sinking in Afghanistan after they win in Iraq.  The New York Times has published on 13th of this month saying that America is seeking for a route of  Afghan  supply even in Iran and before that , the same content has been published by The Washington Post. American now  is in a crisis . The supply rout which should be safe through Afghanistan turn to be an unsafe rout for the supplies of its troops . In recent months , we used to hear about a continuous attacks on a supplying caravans trying to enter Afghanistan from the city of Peshawar. Taliban has claimed the responsibility about that attacks. There is no alternative of that route can be used except the safe route of Iran.

No body knows yet the Iranian  reaction of the possible American  ask to use Iran as the alternative route to Afghanistan . In fact , America is under siege in Afghanistan. It is surrounded by a real hidden and clear enemies. Even Pakistan which is considered as its ally is in a big troubles and in a case we can describe is as a cold civil war. Nothing is safe their. Even the president can be attacked and killed.

According to the American Army , 75 % of Us supplies is passing through the region of Taliban activity. The alternative which US is targeted is a route linking Afghanistan to the Arabian sea by Iran .There is already a road constructed by an Indian company linking between the  two cities of Dealaram and Zarnag in Afghanistan and which are linked by a well constructed road to the Iranian border. Using this rule needs a compromise between US and Iran . Such this compromise should be based on a hard deal between the two sides. The security of Iran and its rule in the region will be a  part of this deal. Not thing is final yet. It still needs months to sea the signs of such deal.



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