Sunday, 28 December 2008

The Arab Media Coverage of Gaza Massacre

All Arab channels are covering the Israeli's attack on Gaza . The best coverage yet is the the coverage of Aljazeera . Its advantage over other channels is its correspondents in Gaza and the pan-Arab and world correspondents.

If we compare its coverage to local stations such Al-Manar , Alquds …. We will know what we mean .

Al-Manar has a wonderful coverage as well as Alquds , However : these channels are covering from a local point of view.

Al-Manar is covering from a Lebanese Perspective and Alquds from a local Palestinian perspective . The Advantage of Aljazeera belongs to its Active-Correspondent-Network world widely and its ability to have a direct link to the world most influenced capitals .

The surprise in this war is in the coverage of Ramatan news agency which is a local Palestinian news agency headquartered in Gaza and has offices across the region in Cairo , Khartoum , Ramallah and Amman .

Most channels has broadcasted its pictures in the first day and it has been threatened by the Israel's Army by targeting its headquarter in Gaza if it continued its broadcasting the full-bloody pictures to the world.

We have first heard about this agency during the coverage of the Arab Summit in Khartoum , 2006 .It had an exclusive coverage for that summit given by the Sudanese authority .



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