Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Islam as a religion of Secularism and freedom

I have already written about the Islam and how some of Islamic scholars who have kidnapped the Islamic views and adopt it to be suitable for its religious views. What I saw from the comments was something shocked me. Some of the comments thought that my article was against Islam and they have commented according to that thought. One of the comments from my friend from New Zealand has tried to clarify that the Muslim community in New Zealand is one of the kindest communities in the country. I have extracted from her comment a kind blame against me. I think that she has understood that I am attacking The Islam. I wish that I was wrong. I am in Fact a real Muslim. I practice some of Islamic religious prays and fasting. The Idea which I have talked it was about the extremist which people outside the Islamic world thought that that was the Islam. Unfortunately, most of those scholars are erupting from one place, Saudi Arabia. I don't want to repeat what I have said last time. What I want to say here is just one Idea: Islam in its nature is a secular and modern Ideology. Secularism here is not that the extreme one which fights the religions and tries to expel "the God "outside our life. The secularism Which I am talking about can be called according to Egyptian thinker "Abdul Wahab Al-Mesiri " the partial Secularism which ensure the religious freedom and give the believe in God a s space on our life . The believe in God and the religious freedom is a way for the social security. This is the view of Islam. Those who don't believe in God have also the freedom to practice what they really believe in. It is something according to what we think and want to be. You can't consider Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states as the model of Islam. Islam is far more complex and also simple than you expect. The real Islamic model through the history were in the Great Syria, Iraq , Egypt and Andalusia. Islam in its origin is a kind of a secular religion. As I explain above, Secularism means the freedom. Just take a look to the minorities in these states from all religions. You can't see such these minorities even in US and Europe which claim that they have the freedom of practice. How you can explain these numbers of minorities (ethnic and religious)? Another One of the most important things in Islam you can't find it in any other religion. In contrast to all you may know about Islam, there is no rule for the Scholars in the relation between the believer and God. In Islam, there is nothing known as a religion scholars (Sheikhs). There is no intermediate between the believer and his God. Mediation is something has been created by the modern Scholars who want to control every thing. In Islam, the infant is born as a civil national person. No baptism and no interfering from the scholar in his born. It is something completely civil and secular.



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