Friday, 26 September 2008

Our Right in having the Atomic Bomb

US government is asking the International Nuclear agency for a full report about “ Syrian Nuclear program” Which it used to claim that Syria has it –Syria is denying having any such this program - after a statement of Chairman of this agency saying that there is no evidence that Syria have a nuclear reactor .
What I want to Say here that Bush administration is trying to fabricate such these evidence to accuse nations -which are not its allies - in having a nuclear program. Having a nuclear program is a right for any nation. Even having atomic bomb is also a right. You may be surprised about my last sentence. If we just take a look to the world super power you will know what I mean. All nations which are considered as a super power are having a nuclear bomb and even more. I know that they are not using it ,however, it helps them in defending themselves.
Imaging that Iraq was having such this bombs, Was America going to attack it and occupy it ?
I doubt, especially if we compare the Iraq’s mode to the North Korean model. America is using the Diplomacy with North Korea which has the atomic bomb which it has occupied Iraq which it hasn’t.


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