Sunday, 28 September 2008

Is Saudi Arabia implicated in Damascus Attack ?

HTML clipboardIs Saudi implicated in Damascus explosion? This question is totally justified. The political relation between Syria and Saudi is the Worst. Saudi is backing the Anti -Syria in Lebanon and It has sent many signs that it is working to over-throw the Syrian regime. Earlier this year, The Russian intelligence has sent warning to the Syrian government warns it that there is a plan to disturb the Syrian security.

According to those warnings, Saudi and the American intelligence are working to disturb its security and spread explosions all over Syria. What we see in Damascus explosion is not far from that warning. Saudi has historical relations with extremists.

It has backed the radical Taliban in Afghanistan and it is backing the extremists in Tripoli of Lebanon. Tripoli which is besides the Syrian border has been converted to the capital of terrorism in the Middle East. Al-Qaida has a base their. Those terrorist are completely funded by Saudi intelligence which is trying to make them as a tool for its plans in the region. The following is some of major terrorist attacks in Syria :

1 – 29 Nov 1981: A car bomb in Syria kills 175 and injures hundreds in Damascus. Syrian Muslims Brotherhood has adopted attack .A lot doubt that It is also behind the last attack in Syria . Muslims brotherhood has activated its militant arm recently and it is operating its activities from Tripoli of Lebanon. Its leaders lives in UK and funded by Saudi Arabia .

2 -16 April 1986 : A series of attacks by bombs hit major Syrian cities kills 144 and injures hundreds .

3- 27 April 1996: an attack kills and injures 40 .


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