Friday, 11 April 2008

Diesel's price and the re-arranging of the Syrian community

Distributing Diesel on Syrians by coupons is ineffective. According to the government , Each family will get 10 coupons / 100 L each . According also to the government the family will not have the right to get all the quantity of these coupons once. It is not yet clear what the quantity that the people will have the right to get it each time. Some leaks said that they would have the right to get 500 L maximumly in each time, Others said the quantity would be just 100 L each time. what we can conclude that we will have a real crisis . The whole image is not clear yet. Distributing Diesel is just a part of this image. Other parts will arise just after rising the Diesel price. rising Diesel's price will lead to an improvement in life cost in Syria and will lead quickly to re-arrange the Syrian community between upper class and poors making the middle class a part of the history.
Mustafa Hamido
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