Wednesday, 19 March 2008

National decision in the middle east

Who we should condemn? Our strategic position is very weak. We are as a doll in the Westerns’ hands can’t do any thing without a prior authorization from the colonial powers which had occupied our nations in the 20th century. Unfortunately, the Middle East, which is my home is the only region in the world which doesn’t have its own national decision. What I mean hear by the national decision is that which conclude its own internal development decision in scientific, military and economic field.

It is not permitted by any means to form our own defensive industry. If we take a look at all wars which has happened in the region along 40 years, we can’t notice any weapons which has manufactured in this region. All our defensive tools and devices which we have used are westerns or Russian . From this we can get a conclusion that all the conflicts were and are controlled by foreign powers. If they hadn’t need these conflicts to take place, they would have cut their weapons’ supplies to us.



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