Tuesday, 5 February 2008

USA: Double standards is an old term , Say ugly policy

I don't know what America really needs from the world. I am sure that it only needs to be the only civilized amd modern country in the world. It needs also not to be competed by other nations which want to be also civilized and modern states. After the Iranian launch of satellite missile this week, We have heard the white house and all American Deparments express their angery toward what Iran has done.
the white house said: ""I saw this morning that Iran, again, tested a ballistic missile. It's unfortunate that they continue to do that because it further isolates the country from the rest of the world," . Isolation in the American terms is opposite of openess . Openness means that you should have at least the same American policy or to obey what the Ameicans are asking you to do or to not. look also about what the states deparment spokeman said , it is totally ugly:US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack described the rocket launch as "another troubling development."
"The kinds of technologies and capabilities that are needed in order to launch ... a space vehicle for orbit are the same kinds of capabilities and technologies that one would employ for long-range ballistic missiles," he said.
the conlsuion from all that that they can welcome any development step if and and just if the country which is doing that step is monitored by the American spy agents or at least monitoring agents. we should refer to the statments which had sparkled after the chinese first step into space war by destroing an old satellite in the space by a developed technology that was not owned by countries rather than America and Russia. In that staements , America had condemed chinese and warn its neighbores from the Chinese threats. American policy is totally ugly like those who are running it.


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