Sunday, 3 February 2008

Syrian opponents : New Liberals ,anti-resistance

In the last two weeks , Syrians had heard about the arresting of some opponents who are members in the Damascus Declaration to join their colleagues in the Damascus-Beirut Declaratin. Someof those who had been arreseted are known to Syrians and to the world and some of them are not. Opposing the government is a human right wich is not negotiable . I believe in it and I used it before the invasion of Iraq in 2003. After 2003 , a lot of what i was believing in has frozen in my mind and in fact I tried to fight any trial from it to profound its place in my mind. Freezing it , in my opinion, is jusitiied. what has happened in Iraq has make the coup in a lot of people's believes. You can't see the people remains in the streets and talk after that about democracy. The Calsh in the region today gives another reason to freeze my beleives. It is a clash between those who are calling themselves Moderates who are backed by Americans and the resistant powers. I can't see Syria outside the resistant camp. Nor its history neither its modern era justify for it to be outside that camp. Those who are calling themselves Opponents and specially the members of The Damascus Declaration are in Fact trying to adobt what the Moderate arabs are propagte it. Those in facts are new liberals which are coallating automatically with the American project in the region. Just know their friends and you can admit that they are against the resistance. In Lebanon they are friends of those who are totally against the resistance. Not only against it but also tried in summer 2006 to destroy it by their hidden coallatin with Israel.


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