Sunday, 6 January 2008

President al-Assad Inaugurates Rehabilitation project of Kwaik River in Aleppo

Quaiq river which had died from 40 years is alive again. This river which was one of the most important places in Aleppo has disapeared from its prestigious places after Turkey has built a Dam on its springs in 1920. It became by time a place for sewerage and trashes. On Saturday President Bashar Assad attended a special ceremony for its launch depending on Euphrate river as a main source  of water.Now , Aleppo has a river and all Syrians are happy for this wonderful news.The following is the official news from Syrian news agency.


President Bashar al-Assad inaugurated on Saturday an SP 1.1 billion- cost rehabilitation project of Kwaik River in Aleppo.

President alAssad opened the waters of Euphrates River  to run into the watercourse of the Kwaik river with an influx force of 3 cm per a second , ushering in for the revival of the river that goes through the city of Aleppo from north to south after an absence of nearly four decades.

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