Wednesday, 4 July 2007

We are happy for him

I can say happily that I am very happy for the British journalist Allan Johnston who has been abducted in Gaza and spent more than 100 days in abduction. He is free now and appearing smiling after his release this morning. I am happy for him because he is a human being who has feelings. He has also a family which surely was worried about him and he has friend who were waiting his appearance to calm down their worries. He is not the last one who is going to be abducted by armed forces all over the world. He is innocent. I know that very well, however, a lot of other journalists who are abducted are, in fact, mixing between intelligence and journalism. It is right that the barriers between those two carriers are a little bit unclear; however, journalist must put himself under strict conditions to don't let himself to be an agent for this or that. Unfortunately, most of who are abducted are agents for an intelligent agencies and this exactly what push us to don't take care about their abduction.



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