Saturday, 19 May 2007

He is extremist

Mustafa Hamido

I can't describe him as a terrorist. He is Wahhabi. He has learnt in the Wahhabi's institutes which are already spread inside Saudi Arabia and all over the poor Islamic States. Wahhabism is directly connected to Extremism. It is a kind of a relationship which can't be split easily. Those who are promoting to put face scarf and for the black dresses for women are entirely flattering and trying to export their own understanding for Islam. During a graduation ceremony for girls in a preparatory school, The gifts for the girls were booklets authored by a Wahhabi's Shaikh. In his text , he insists on one Phrase: " The Legal scarf in Islam is that who covers all the body ,face..hands, Eyes........" . The title of his book is" She is queen". From the title , you can understand the entire text. He is promoting for a special understand for Islam and trying to describe who follows that understanding from girls as a queen.


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