Wednesday, 18 April 2007

The future of kurds after the American defeating in Iraq

Mustafa Hamido

There is no major sign that America is going to win in Iraq. It is undoubted that it is going to the most serious disaster for its troops outside its soil since Vietnam War. The major question which is erupting is the future of the Kurdish existed territory in North Iraq and the future of Kurdish ambition in creating their own independent state. We can say that the future of their ambition is like their past. There is no hope for their state. All regional powers are against their project. From the historical facts we can conclude that no Independent state had been created without a major regional or even international war. After the defeating of the American troops, the future of Kurds will be dark. Their only protecting power will be expelled outside the region and that which will ease the mission of the regional power to destroy any hope for independence.



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