Wednesday, 14 March 2007

What you can expect from them? Simply , nothing valuable

Mustafa Hamido

The title up line can give the conclusion of all the past Arab summits which held during last 50 years. Those summits are simply paralyzed because they have contained a lot of parties with conflicted interests and loyalties. From 50’s till the end of 80’s, Arabs were split between two loyalties, the American and the USSR loyalty. After the Collapse of the USSR the left Arabs has turned into liberal and –we can say easily- allies of the new conservatives in US. You can notice that conclusion from the former Marxists who turned to anti-resistance in our region, though they were the theorists of all resistance and terrorists actions which happened especially during 70’s. The Gulf countries who have the wealth in the Arab world formed from them their own tool to fight any –leaked groups- which they were refusing to accept their view of the relation ship between Arabs and Israel. Those were been attacked by the former Marxist theorists and condemned their view of resistance. We were in a lost period. That period still continued and the next summit in Riyadh will prove that the past is better than the present and the present is better than the Future. Arab Leaders are going to condemn the resistance indirectly and refuse the “violence” and tell to whom it concerns that we are ready to” peace” whatever it was and what ever we get from it and that is exactly what we don’t want.