Thursday, 1 March 2007

About Iraq: No bady knows the truth

Mustafa Hamido

who is really know what is happening in Iraq? The certain answer is nobody. Iraq has turned after the American invasion one of the mysterious drama in this world. You can't know exactly what is happening there. a lot of powers are struggling against each others without a a logic. The Slogan is kill more and you may win. Neither the win is guaranteed ,nor your life is guaranteed.No body even America as super power know what is really happening. Iraq has turn to the Cave of Ali Baba which is full of money and need some gangs to steal it. now ,Iraq is full of gangs from all nationalities and supported by international intelligence and are trying to get the bigger size of the Cake . On 28th of February, Robert Fisk said in the independent: "Accurate information in Iraq is like water in the desert:precious,rare and often polluted"


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