Sunday, 18 February 2007

Two religious states , but there is difference (3)

Mustafa Hamido

The wahabism consists two parts. One is the religious part and the second is the royal family part. We can’t by an means separate those two elements when we are talking about Saudi and the circumstances of its existence. It is simply a coalition between a hopefulness tribal men and a religious part which had supported those tribal men to profound the new religious thinking which had created in the late 17th century. Ibn Abdul wahabism decedents are still controlling the Fatwa sector in the Saudi Arabia which can control every detail in the community by Their fatwas which the said that it has been extracted from the god’s orders. Judgement System in Saudi is an extreme system which depends on Bedouin understood of Islam in contrast to the mild Islamic thinking which had spread in the main Islamic Land Outside the Arabic Peninsula


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