Thursday, 22 February 2007

A new trial and a serious danger

Mustafa Hamido

We used in Syria to import the failed practices from all over the world. In 70's, we imported the North Korean practices in all fields starting from sports and not ending in the political ruling model. We imported, also, all the failed practices of the Egyptian bureaucratic and we applied it in our ministries and the public sector. We are passing the same period which Egypt has started to pass since the beginning of the 90's. We are so shy that we can't say clearly that we are going to sell he public sector. If we compare, however, between what Egypt did in its first steps in privatization, we can conclude that we will do what Egypt is doing as soon as we imagine. The new "Moda" in the Syrian economy is the stock market which will be opened soon. Another failed practice we are importing, however, this time is from the gulf. We should take in account what happened last year in the gulf stock markets and be aware from what may face. We should admire that we lack the enough experiences to save the small investors money. Go to the gulf market and you will see the disasters that happened there. The" big sharks" survived while those who had invested all what they have and even what they lent from the banks bankrupted has and made a drama in the gulf region.


  1. Thanks for the kind comment....I didn't know you watched the videos on my video blog...I will add more soon.

  2. almost forgot...Good blog entry... I would give this 9.9 out of 10.
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