Saturday, 3 February 2007

A major war is expected in the Middle East if….


Mustafa Hamido


You should be happy; we are going to wars in the Middle East. It is not a single limited war as we used to see it in last four decades; it is something different and unexpected. Definitely, there are a lot of projects for this region. The most expected one is splitting and dividing its states into tiny, powerless, ethnical and sectarian states. This project is well known from the public and officials and some officials are implicated in this project to save their interests which are definitely limited. Some interests are rounding between seizing extra lands as in Jordanian case or saving the royal families and ensuring its    rule. This is well understood and known and any asking for details from the public will be faced by unlimited and unexpected details which are mostly correct. One of the Arabs journalists called that details "the taxi drivers news" which are promoted by those people who know a lot and can tell surprising news. No split or dividing may happen without a major war. As happened in the world war one, the split of the ottman legacy took place after bloody years. Those years combined with starvation, deaths and revival of new generated countries. We can also give another example of a major war which ended with a displacement of a state and a people in Palestine. it was a major tiny war which still effecting on the destiny of the middle east. I expect a major war such that which had opened the 20th century especially if US has continued its project in dividing and splitting the existed countries. History can solute all our problems. Splitting means wars and any try to the division will lead to deaths and will not end as the westerns hope. The people now are more educated and learned and they will resist as the didn't resist before .



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